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    Survey finds common stressors affecting patient care

    The results of a recent CompHealth survey reveal doctors are feeling stressed, not getting enough proper rest, and experiencing monotony on the job. Carried out between February 3 and 17 by Wakefield Research, the survey found 63 percent of physicians were concerned about work quality and patient care due to professional stress. Fortunately, there are solutions—such as locum tenens—to help both physicians and facilities cope with daily on-the-job pressure.

    Additionally, doctors who choose to practice locum tenens can enjoy flexible scheduling based on where, when, and how much they want to work. This gives them the opportunity to experience new office environments, diverse patient cases, and more chances for proper rest and time off.

    “Enabling physicians to control their work schedule helps reduce stress, ensuring they are working to the best of their ability when they are examining patients,” said Melissa Byington, the president of CompHealth Locum Tenens. “It is startling that 67 percent of all physicians we surveyed are often forced to choose between resting and effectively serving patients. As a locum tenens practitioner, physicians are less likely to have to make that choice.”

    Physician stress test
    Conducted among 1,000 U.S. physicians aged 25+, the CompHealth survey also found that:

    • Hospital physicians are less likely to rest than private practice physicians (74 percent vs. 64 percent respectively choose between rest and effective patient care)

    • Physicians surveyed believe patient care would improve if their peers and they themselves had routine changes to avoid monotony and burnout (45 percent) as well as the opportunity to work on new cases (28 percent)

    • Twenty-five percent of physicians thought patient care would improve if they had the opportunity to aid underserved areas and 10 percent would even like the challenge of working on high-risk cases, to improve their patient care

    The locum tenens solution
    Additionally, the survey found 92 percent of physicians were positive about the practice of locum tenens making it a viable option to explore for many practitioners. Locum tenens physicians provide a solution to facilities with open positions due to increase in demand, staff vacations, employee training, and more. The physicians arrive certified, credentialed, refreshed, and motivated to serve their new communities—benefiting the patient and resulting in better patient outcomes.

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