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    2008 Locum Tenens of the Year Awards

    Welcome to our third annual tribute to a group of shining stars within the locum tenens industry. In the following section, we feature physicians and non-physician providers considered by their staffing company representatives to be the best in the business—those who truly exemplify what locum tenens is all about.

    A few months ago, staffing firm executives were invited to select one physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, and/or certified registered nurse anesthetist per company who embodied what they regarded as the true characteristics of a locum tenens practitioner. According to their comments, these valued attributes include excellent clinical skills, flexibility, friendliness, dependability, commitment, compassion, a relaxed and professional demeanor, and enthusiasm. Add to this list the ability to develop a good rapport with patients and staff, and it is easy to see why these clinicians received glowing evaluations and return requests. In many instances, providers even sacrificed personal time and established plans to assist facilities in need of coverage.

    And so, without further ado, we are proud to present these 26 esteemed practitioners as this year's "Locum Tenens of the Year" nominees—true stars of their professions.

    John Balhuizen, MD
    Delta Locum Tenens
    Specialties: Internal Medicine, Hospitalist
    Years in Locum Tenens Practice: 2.5
    Years with Nominating Company: 2.5
    Number of Contracts Taken: 15+ (long-term)
    Nominated By: Dan Morgan, Director of Recruiting

    Dr. Balhuizen, even being semi-retired, has been the model locum tenens candidate with our company. He has exemplified this by being 100% flexible and open to any client that might need his help. Dr. Balhuizen, who holds four licenses, has taken multiple opportunities, returning on a bi-monthly basis—by one client's request—for 2.5 years, assisting with the facility's internal medicine and nursing home needs. We are extremely lucky to have had Dr. Balhuizen partner with us, as he has made us a better company.

    Alan J. Biczak, DO
    Jackson & Coker
    Specialty: Family Practice
    Years in Locum Tenens Practice: 18
    Years with Nominating Company: 9
    Number of Contracts Taken: 9 (same ongoing contract each year—totaling 1800+ hours annually)
    Nominated By: Lori Jannings, Recruiter

    Dr. Biczak is a friendly, dependable physician, who is able to make himself "part of the family" in any setting. He and his wife are highly energetic and carry a positive attitude in all situations. During off time, they travel in their RV, touring many places across the U.S. to see relatives, golf courses, and historical sites. If I could live a portion of the life they are leading, I would be a happier person!

    Kevin W. Bowers, DO
    Harris Medical Associates
    Specialties: Urgent Care, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine
    Years in Locum Tenens Practice: 1
    Years with Nominating Company: 1
    Number of Contracts Taken: 1 (ongoing)
    Nominated By: R. Scot Gray, Vice President

    Dr. Bowers has the remarkable ability to multi-task, develop rapport quickly with patients, and provide the highest level of care in the most chaotic environments. His patients and staff respect him as a first-class physician and consider him a friend. Dr. Bowers represents the true meaning of medicine.